Turtle, at the foot of Parthenon, in the Agorra where democracy was born. 
Greece, Athens 2010.

Zeus temple. 
Athens, Greece. 2010.

Playing football. 
Cairo. Egypt. 2011.

Playground for kids in an officer's neighborhood. 
Guantanamo US naval base. 2010.

Afghan worker on a US military base in Gardez. 
Afghanistan. 2009.

Calais immigrants camp the “Jungle”, after eviction. 
Calais. France.2009.

US soldier. Back from a mission. 
Khost, Afghanistan. 2009.

The day Ben Laden died. Brooklyn. 
New york. USA. 2011.

Family from Sinkari. Tahrir Square.  
Cairo. Egypt. 2011.

Resting on a beach. 
Guantanamo US naval base. 2010.

security camera. 
Buchenwald concentration camp. Germany. 2010.

Cairo. Egypt. 2011.

Bab Alzazya compound, Gaddafi's palace main building. 
Tripoli, Libya. 2011.

Blue car.bombed building. 
Gori. Georgia. 2008.

Temple of Ares, god of war, in the Agorra.  
Greece, Athens 2010.

Refugee camp. Idlib region. 
Atmeh. Syria. 2012.

Hemicycle: "The circular shape is designed to encourage consensus among political parties rather than confrontation.Composed of Greek roots, the term is French in origin." 

French assembly, Tahrir square, Dyonisos theatre, Buchenwald aerial view. 2010/11.

Afghan National army soldier. 
Afghanistan. 2009.

Magda. Kadhafi supporters family. 
Tripoli. Libya. 2011.

Greece, Athens 2010.

Strasbourg. France. 2009

Check point. 
Tripoli, Libya. 2011.

Baghdad. Irak. 2011.

Paris, France. 2010.

Democratic fertility: "Study that attempts to derive a generalized equation of democratic "fertility" by investigating a large, diverse group of independent variables, it serves as the standard measure in a study of 110 countries". 

Brussel, Buchenwald, Dubai, Guantanamo. 2011.

Tourist bus. 
Buchenwald concentration camp.Germany. 2010.


Paint on a bank. 
Athens, Greece. 2010.

Buchenwald forest. Germany. 2010.

European council.  
Brussel. Belgium. 2010

Polling office. 
Afghanistan, August 2009.

The day Ben Laden died. Ground Zero view. 
New York. USA. 2011.

Students from Jelalabad in Babur Park. 
Kabul, Afghanistan. 2009.

Member of historical association. 
Buchenwald. Germany. 2010.

Kristiania, independent anarchist village.  
Copenhagen. Denmark. 2009.

Calais immigrants camp the “Jungle”.  
Calais. France.2009.

Girl waiting for her mother. 
Kabul. Afghanistan. 2009.

The day Ben Laden died. Bengali tiger sleeping, Bronx zoo.  
New York, USA. 2011